Ani’s Advent 2020! Roberta Eaton ~ All I want for Christmas …

Dear Santa, We may have a bt of a problem. It’s my two-legs… she is up and dpwn all night like a yo=to most of the time at the moment. And when she does manage to sleep,she is as likely to be on the sofa as in the bedroom. How are you going to sneakContinue reading “Ani’s Advent 2020! Roberta Eaton ~ All I want for Christmas …”

Ani’s Advent 2020! Snowing Cats and Dogs…

Dear Santa, We’ve still had no snow. Do you have wheels for the sleigh in case we don’t have any? You never see it with wheels on the pictures… but I don’t think it would be fair to Rudolph and co to expect them to drag you and all those presents around the world withoutContinue reading “Ani’s Advent 2020! Snowing Cats and Dogs…”

Ani’s Advent 2020! Sally Cronin’s Advice on Christmas Treats

Dear Santa, I cannot live down My little peccadillos… Like maybe, stealing whole ham hocks Or de-stuffing her pillows. I only stole the turkey once, The salmon once as well… The chocolate, I soon learned was bad, And out of bounds as well. But there is always lots of cheese, She wouldn’t miss at all…Continue reading “Ani’s Advent 2020! Sally Cronin’s Advice on Christmas Treats”

Ani’s Advent 2020! Meet Ruff, Smidgeon and Cathy Cade!

Dear Santa, Yay! We are finally counting down to Christmas! It seems to have taken ages to come around this year! But it hasn’t been a great year for anyone, two-legses or four. I mean, there is this bug thing going round and I know it is worrying people and stopping them from meeting andContinue reading “Ani’s Advent 2020! Meet Ruff, Smidgeon and Cathy Cade!”

The Small Dog on Guard…

I live with a cow-field just over the fence, For a guard-dog that’s really no joke, ‘Cause a cow is a curious beastie, you see, And they all have a thing about looking at me And their heads through my hedges they poke. So when it is cow-season and they come out, I’m on dutyContinue reading “The Small Dog on Guard…”