Meet Guest Bloggers Zozo & Jools (and The Muttwits)…

Originally posted on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog:
What is our blog about:  Usual Muttwits follows the misadventures of a diverse community of dogs inhabiting the fictitious Thameside town of Westley Piddle.  The blog features stories on the various muttwit characters and is experienced through their own particular dogs’-eye point of view. Each story…

The Small Dog in the Rain

She says I’m inconsistent ‘Cause I don’t like getting wet In bathtubs or in garden grass That’s been rained on and yet… I’ll jump into a muddy pool Or, in torrential rain, I’ll walk for miles exploring, then Ask to go out again. I’ll bound through all the long grass Holding water in its blades,Continue reading “The Small Dog in the Rain”

Tails from Westley Piddle: Henry ~ Part Two, from Zozo and Jools at Usual Muttwits

Originally posted on Sue Vincent's Daily Echo:
Continuing the saga… read part one HERE “whe…wherzzz…wherzzmeBullmers??” Outside, in the gutter, where it normally is “givvusmeBullmers,yernastymutt” Ain’t my problem yu dropped it, yu go get it GitOrrf!, the scruffy-bellied Border Terrier, sits on the camp bed, Halflegs curled up on it under a blanket. Revlegs approaches,…

The Small Dog becomes a guinea pig

“You can have your very own blog, girlie,” she says. “That’ll be good.” Well, yeah… as long as I get my own ‘puter and don’t have to wait for her to get off the thing… You’ve got to understand the set-up here. Me, I’m just a four-legs. I live with my two-legs and the fish…Continue reading “The Small Dog becomes a guinea pig”