The Small Dog becomes a guinea pig

“You can have your very own blog, girlie,” she says. “That’ll be good.” Well, yeah… as long as I get my own ‘puter and don’t have to wait for her to get off the thing…

You’ve got to understand the set-up here. Me, I’m just a four-legs. I live with my two-legs and the fish… who don’t have any. There are pigeons and other feathered fiends in the garden, a cat in the flat upstairs and cows over the back fence. It keeps me busy looking after her and keeping her safe from them all. And that’s without defending her from the postman.

She, being a two-legs with those weird paws and fingery things, gets a ‘puter all to herself. I, being a four-legs, have to wait till she’s not using it before I can write. Is this fair, I ask you?

But two-legses have some weird ideas…

Even my books have to have her name on the cover… ’cause, ‘pparently… dogs can’t write! As I said, weird ideas…

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So, all this “you can have a blog of your own” malarkey… well, there had to be a catch. And it didn’t take her long to let the cat out of the bag… an odd phrase, that, ’cause person’lly, that’s not something I would ever do… (I mean, have you tried getting a cat in a bag? They are all teeth claws and spitty bits…). Anyway…

“You can be a guinea pig.”

Er, what?

Now, don’t get me wrong, there isn’t much I wouldn’t do for her, but I’m no shapeshifter… and I have a feeling guinea pigs eat lettuce. Me, I prefer chicken.

“Not that kind of guinea pig…”

Well, what then?

“More of a test pilot…”

Now, I know I sleep in the odd…let’s say, unusual position, but I don’t fancy dangling completely upside down…

“Daft dog! No… for the new WordPress Editor that we will all have to learn…”

Well, that’s a relief, I can tell you!

And if that’s all she’s after, I don’t mind obliging. She did have me worried for a minute though… I s’ppose she has some sense, ’cause, she says if a small dog can work out how to use it, anyone can.

So… welcome to my new blog!

Meet the Small Dog

My name is Ani, otherwise known as the Small Dog, and I own a two-legs.

I live with my two-legs in a quiet part of England, with lots of fields, cows at the bottom of the garden and more birds than I can handle.

When asked what kind of a dog I am, my two-legs says I am a setter-lunatic cross. This is untrue. My Mum was an English Setter, but Dad was a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. They were both Irish and were found living together in a field while Mum waited for me and my litter-mates to be born.

They were rescued and brought to England where I was born… and found my two-legs.

We both write… and I won’t mention who sells most books, ’cause I don’t like it when she gets upset. I also have shares in another writing two-legs… the ball guy. I managed to train him fairly quickly. She, on the other hand, can sometimes be a bit of a problem…

I write a lot about that.

But she’s not a bad sort really. Keeps me in chicken and tennis balls.

Even if she does have this thing about baths…

I’m sort of fond of her though.

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