The Small Dog gets Snow…

The snow came down, fell thick and white
As far as I could see…
She opened up the garden door
So it could fall on me.

I love the white stuff from the sky
Though it is cold for paws…
It never lingers long enough
For me, before it thaws.

I still remember my first snow
She woke me in the night,
Said, “Come and see my girlie!”
And my world was cold and bright.

We walked through crunchy drifts of snow
And slid on shiny ice,
And all the trees wore silver streaks
And every path enticed.

My body language, so she says
Was such a give-away…
She still can’t look without a smile
At photos of that day.

And I can’t see a snowflake fall
From any winter grey
Without the hope that she and I
Are going out to play.

And though we could not walk the fields
Or scamper down the lanes
As snowballs flew, our puppyhood
Once more flowed through our veins.

Today the snow both came and went,
I hope it snows some more…
I’m watching from the threshold here
So she can’t close the door.

And just for once, she doesn’t mind,
‘Cause underneath, you see,
When snow falls from a starry sky,
She’s just a pup, like me.


Published by Sue Vincent

Sue Vincent is a Yorkshire-born writer and one of the Directors of The Silent Eye, a modern Mystery School. She writes alone and with Stuart France, exploring ancient myths, the mysterious landscape of Albion and the inner journey of the soul. Find out more at France and Vincent. She is owned by a small dog who also blogs. Follow her at and on Twitter @SCVincent. Find her books on Goodreads and follow her on Amazon worldwide to find out about new releases and offers. Email:

79 thoughts on “The Small Dog gets Snow…

  1. Bonnie was born on Halloween and grew up in one of the snowiest winters ever in the valley. She forever loved the snow — but hated rain. No amount of explanation could make her believe that they were really the same think in two forms. I miss her very much. I miss Bonnie and I miss the real winters we used to have.

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      1. In theory, we will have snow later this week — if it doesn’t blow out to sea again. Duke is okay with snow, but he’s okay with everything except very hot or humid weather. Bonnie was crazy about snow and I have pictures of her as a tiny pup bounding around the yard while mom in her nighty, Uggs, and heavy winter coat stood there begging her to PLEASE GO PLEASE. Snow will always bring memories of those days.

        We lost both Scotties during the lockdown. Duke is a fine dog. To make up for him being our only dog left now that the others are gone, he gets to sleep in the bed with us. The Scotties couldn’t do that. They were too short.

        It’s hard to forget Bonnie . She was the only dog we didn’t rescue or get as an adult. She was just 9 weeks old when I found her and she lived with us for every day of her life.


        1. I understand how you feel about Bonnie… One of the setters I grew up with shared her name… a delicate fairy of a girl.
          I met Ani, eleven years ago, long before she was weaned and she has been with me since she was eight weeks old…


  2. Years ago we had 2 dogs, a dachshund and a wolf Shepard mix. The latter would stand outside in heavy snow, living it. He would make a path for the dachshund to take to an area to go to the bathroom.

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  3. What a lovely poem, Sue. It really made me smile, thinking back over all those first times for both dogs and horses long gone but never forgotten.
    Right now, up here we’ve had snow on the ground for over 3 weeks, and rather too much ice. It means we can’t get the van up the drive, so no dog walks (even if we could stand up on the icy forest tracks), so the pack is having to make do with race-tracking round the house. Thank goodness for a large garden, and all we have to do is to stay out of the way.
    Of course, with so many high-speed paws on site, sometimes that’s not possible…

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    1. I can imagine a few collisions there, but an awful lot of happy grins on their faces πŸ™‚
      Three weeks is a long time for snow, when here we are glad of a few hours. Just for once, though, I think I would swap… I miss a good winter down here in the south.

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  4. It was the first time Smidgeon and Ruff saw snow. When Duke and Luna came out from next door, Duke was bouncing like a puppy (there isn’t space indoors for him to bounce). Ruff barked at him but Smidgeon kept out of the way so as not to be bounced on – she’s a year wiser than Ruff.
    When the snow began to fall again, they tried to catch the big clumps and came in with fluffy white snowballs on their backs.
    This morning, when we went out, they barked at the snowman the neighbours’ children made along the drove.


  5. We got snow too. It showed up some time before we got up on Sunday, so we opened the door to go outside and the world was all white. Mummy’s a pup when it comes to snow too, so she was great about letting us be out in it loads and loads… She didn’t even mind that the first time she was only in flipflops and pyjamas, and Daddy had to point out to her that she should probably dress more sensibly if she was going to play in the snow. We even got to rush out there with her when we were indoors for a bit and it fell from the clouds again a couple of times later that day. Me and Logan loved rolling around in it and catching the snowballs Mummy threw for us. We got about five inches of it. It was still white out there yesterday (Monday) and we even found some snow we’d missed playing in so me and Logan could roll in it and Mummy could make pawprints and snowballs (she likes making prints with her paws on snow nobody walked on yet). Like I said, she’s great fun with snow. Just rain today, but I found a nice puddle to play in when we went walkies, and that was almost as fun as the now mostly melted or turned to ice or slush snow had been. Lots of licks, Lilie


    1. Hey Lilie! Five inches…wow! We only got a little bit, but she was all over it too… just like yours, outside before she got dressed. Two-legses are quite cute when they revert to puppyhood, aren’t they? xx


  6. Hurrah, Ani! You can make balls out of the snow, but i actually dont know were to get the yellow color for them. πŸ˜‰
    But wasnt it a surprise? The whole garden in white, and you now at least are knowing about using your claws. :-)) Thank you for informing about snow in the UK. Have a nice Wednesday! Michael


  7. Anyone who thinks animals don’t communicate has never seen a happy dog. I’m so glad you both enjoyed the snow, Ani. We’re never too old to forget what makes us happy. -hugs-


      1. It shows in the photos! My little Mogi does a ‘dance’ when we’re ready to go out for our night time pee walk. Usually the two cats come too, and it’s a real pack affair. πŸ™‚


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