Ani’s Advent Calendar 2020! A poem from Maggie

Dear Santa,

There are some of my friends missing from this year’s Advent Calendar. One of them is Maggie, who lived, held in love, from puppyhood to a wonderful old age.

Two years ago, she sent me a poem. It is a reminder that not all homes will celebrate this time of year as a time of plenty. Many have lost loved ones, both two legged and four. There will be empty chairs… and hearts that miss those they love. This year, especially, has beena year filled with worry and lots of homes will have less than they planned, as their livelihoods are threatened or taken by the virus.

Me and Maggie have always been well looked after. Not all dogs are so lucky… and not all two legses either. Mine remembers Christmasses when her pups were little and there was nothing with which to make a Christmas, so she made things for them instead. They were too little to realise, so they were happy enough. And then some kind people from a charity brought proper toys and food on Christmas Eve. She says she cried a lot that Christmas. Not all of them unhappy tears.She still puts the old matchboxes she wrapped as decorations on the tree … just as a reminder that things are not quite so hard now, and to remind her that Christmas is not about what you can spend, but about the love you can share.

Much love,

Ani xxx

A Christmas Poem from Maggie

from Christmas 2018

Images dancing around the tree,
Soft lights and tinsel for all to see,
Faces aglow by candlelight
Everyone happy, merry and bright.

Not all is so overwhelming or grand,
For some, too young to understand
Reasons why Santa does not come
To their house when the ‘Eve is done.

Empty tables, no tree to share,
A present perhaps, wrapped with loving care,
Nothing much, but a gift just the same
With ribbon and bow, and a tag with their name.

In houses stretched across land and sea,
Images differ from tree to tree,
The future for some is not happy and bright,
Yet their faces glow in the candlelight.

It’s Christmas, and my wish to all of you
Is happiness and love when this Day is through:
Not all are surrounded by festive cheer,
But are in the hearts of those held most dear.

About Maggie’s Mum

Maggie shares her home with Di and her husband. Di describes herself as a retired number-cruncher, but there is far more to her than that. Di blogs at pensitivity101 and was one of our writephoto regulars. She was the first to come over and introduce herself with a guest post. You can read her story in her own words here.


Published by Sue Vincent

Sue Vincent is a Yorkshire-born writer and one of the Directors of The Silent Eye, a modern Mystery School. She writes alone and with Stuart France, exploring ancient myths, the mysterious landscape of Albion and the inner journey of the soul. Find out more at France and Vincent. She is owned by a small dog who also blogs. Follow her at and on Twitter @SCVincent. Find her books on Goodreads and follow her on Amazon worldwide to find out about new releases and offers. Email:

39 thoughts on “Ani’s Advent Calendar 2020! A poem from Maggie

  1. Ani, you and your two-legged have BIG hearts. Lovely poem. I would like to remind people to donate to their local food banks, because so many people are out of work and need food. And I also like Samaritan’s Purse which takes care of children in third world countries.

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  2. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord Blog Magazine and commented:
    A wonderful entry in Ani’s Advent Calendar with a poignant reminder that even in a year when there is not virus or lockdown, Christmas is a time when those we have lost are particularly missed, and parents struggle to provide all that they would wish to. Also Ani shares a lovely poem from Maggie and Di and it is well worth heading over to read the post and to share…Thanks Sally.

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  3. Beautiful reminder that Christmas memories live on in our hearts and remind us that giving of ourselves even in some small way makes the world a brighter place for those around us. A lovely share… Merry Christmas to all! 🎄💞

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  4. Oh Ani, bless you. Thank you so much for sharing this again. Maggie is so sadly missed, but will never be forgotten. The canvas picture is up together with that of Kizzy, the GSD I had when Hubby and I first met, and Barney, Maggie’s predecessor.
    We were so lucky to have her in our lives for so long. She’s in good company, not just on the wall, but in our hearts.


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