Notes from a Small Dog: Weathering the weather…

I’ve been a hot dog this week, with the sun blasting down so much we couldn’t even go for a walk except early mornings… and these days, I like to sleep a bit later. She’s done her best to keep me cool, though, leaving all the blinds closed till the sun was off the house. Which was also cool as it meant I didn’t have to worry about warning off intruders like horses, hang-gliders and pigeons. I’ve slept a lot.

Mind, she did say I was slacking a bit when the red kite landed in the garden and I didn’t tell her about it… she just saw it take off again. Now, I think she’s being a bit unfair there, ‘cause if I’d have barked, it would have just flown away even sooner and she wouldn’t have seen it at all!

But anyway, today was the hottest yet and, with not the slightest breath of air.  I went and found a cool spot on the kitchen floor. I suggested she join me there, ‘cause she was properly melting, but she just started muttering about doing a rain dance and invoking the storm gods.

I think the gods must have been listening… ‘cause they stepped in pretty quick, before she could start the dancing lark (they are good like that)… and we had an almighty storm, all of a sudden.

I didn’t realise they had acted so promptly at first, so I went out and barked at the sky when it started growling. Then the rain was battering the windows so I came in, while she dashed round closing things and mopping the rain up from the floors.

The wind got really loud and blowy and the sky was growling non-stop… so, just in case she was frighted by it all… and not because I was, I mean, dogs aren’t scaredy cats, whatever she might say… I took up a position in the corner of the hall, behind my bed, so she could come and sit with me on the floor. So she would feel safe, you know.

She says she likes storms, but I don’t think she liked this one much, cause she had to get dressed and go rescue things from my boy’s pond… and she’s still catching up on work though it is hours after my bedtime! How am I s’pposed to get my beauty sleep?

I suppose I could just settle on the mat by the door, with my nose outside… as long as she doesn’t get the hoover-monster out…

Much love, Ani xxx

Published by Sue Vincent

Sue Vincent is a Yorkshire-born writer and one of the Directors of The Silent Eye, a modern Mystery School. She writes alone and with Stuart France, exploring ancient myths, the mysterious landscape of Albion and the inner journey of the soul. Find out more at France and Vincent. She is owned by a small dog who also blogs. Follow her at and on Twitter @SCVincent. Find her books on Goodreads and follow her on Amazon worldwide to find out about new releases and offers. Email:

48 thoughts on “Notes from a Small Dog: Weathering the weather…

  1. The Duke doesn’t even go out except for his “business.” It’s very bad here, too and there hasn’t been any rain at all in weeks. The trees are losing their leaves and unless we get rain, there won’t be an autumn … and a lot of trees will die. Are we worrying needlessly about climate change?

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      1. He’s just finding cool places to sprawl.
        The children have placed random bowls of water everywhere so he’s got drinks wherever he lounges.
        So far, storms haven’t hit us greatly. But when they do, he’s usually hiding under my desk!

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  2. I´m a Spanish dog so I don´t mind the heat but I´ve been pretty lethargic the last few days. Mom takes me out first thing in the morning when it´s cooler so I can run around and play with my buddies. Then I sleep most of the day. (Unless the ice cream lady comes, then I am up and out of the door so fast) Hang in there, Ani. Dot the dog.

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  3. These storms are supposed to help cool the earth down, and we are promised one this evening. If it not as violent as the one you had, I might just go and sit in the garden to enjoy it better!


  4. I love the sky growling.
    Our Pickle used to be terrified of thunder till she went deaf (and fireworks, and bird-scarers). It was horrible to see her fear, so that was one compensation for her going deaf in her last couple of years. Smidgeon wasn’t bothered by thunder or bird-scarers last year, but who knows, now that Pickle isn’t there to be frightened on her behalf. Smidgeon’s the big dog now.
    I can’t imagine young Ruff being frightened of anything… hmm… except for the vacuum cleaner. Maybe we’ll find out soon – the thunder hasn’t hit us yet (although my garden is thirsting for some proper rain).

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  5. We had the storm too Ani. It as fierce but I had to go out in it as I had to. But I was quick and ran back to dry off under the table on my comfy bed. Much paw love Dante the Dawg, xxx


  6. It’s been so hot Ani, I have just lolled about a lot. I have had to look after willow because my male two legs has been so busy with his mum’s house and her estate , what ever that is ? It falls to me on these hot days day to be nurse and protector.
    After the big bang’s a flashes of last night ( it was like being back at training ) today is much better! I hope you are feeling better too 💜💜💜💜 love Ruby 💜


    1. Hey, Ruby.
      I ended up getting a bit sick…she says it is probably all the heat here. So I’m having scrambled eggs for breakfast and medicianl chicken for dinner. There are benefits to being poorly sometimes 😉 xxx


  7. It’s been real hot here too. My brother, Logan, is scared of storms. I’m not though. Got my work cut out for me when one comes though, because with him being scared I got to do all the guarding by myself, with two humans, my little brother, a chinchilla, and a tortoise, all counting on me to keep them safe. Lots of licks, Lilie


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